My  imaginary friend is a zorse. Her name is Zoe. A zorse is a horse and a zebra mixed together. She is 2 years old. She likes to play with balls, so watch out! She eats grain, hay, grass and plants. She is very fast, she is like a lightning bolt. I love to play […]

Challenge #3! Adding Images

One of the family vacations that we did is Tennessee. This was one of my favorite vacations because we held held birds and fed birds. It was funny when one of them pooped on my dad’s shoulder. I also enjoyed, taking a walk with my mom, dad and sister. There was a black bear cub […]

Mrs.Martin Vistes

I hab a blast when you came! I hope you could come again. I think you had a blast too! I learnd when you came in is  do not over share, make your post sort but not like ”I like horses” not like that and I actually like horses maybe you can make a connection […]